best yellow kitchen cabinets

Even on the days is your yellow kitchen cabinets look shiny and bright. Yellow is the spirit color of spring and summer. A stimulating color, perfect is for a happy atmosphere. Yellow kitchens design is becoming more popular, often associated with traditional style. More acid yellow is also perfect for a strong color and energy [...]

Backsplash Black Cabinets and White Countertop

Backsplash black cabinets and white countertop should be in harmonious design to create beautiful look that complement overall kitchen décor. The very first thing in how to design black and white kitchen décor is by first of all determining the color of cabinets whether black or white painted. If you want to create modern and [...]

best oak cabinet blacksplash

With the naked eye, a kitchen is just a kitchen. It has cabinets, sink, appliances and countertops. But this oak cabinet with back splash design is a broad field with different kitchen styles to suit every taste. There are elements from different regions and styles from different periods. We selected 100 living ideas for the [...]

backsplash white cabinets ideas

The kitchen backsplash ideas for white cabinets are a perfect marriage of contemporary designers and buyers. A white kitchen fits perfectly in a sleek design and exudes cleanliness and it still looks fresh and new. In combination with some contemporary elements such as aluminum handles and high-tech integrated appliances can give your kitchen a mark on [...]

Black Modern Kitchen

Black modern kitchen has unique and distinctive design with amazingly beautiful appearance at high rank of beauty and value. Kitchen space is very essential to be well decorated since it is the soul of a house no matter what design, style or theme. There are several things that have to be well considered in decorating [...]

l shaped kitchen designs with island gallery

Shaped kitchen layouts with island – The best option is to get the practical over the aesthetic and differentiate various work areas: an area for storing accessories and tools, another area of the kitchen to store small appliances and the third and most important area should be cooking and waters. If you have enough space, [...]

design kitchen cabinets color

How painted kitchen cabinets color ideas? The color wheel can help us to determine which colors match. On the outer side of the color wheel are the three primary colors (red, blue and yellow) as well as various combinations of these primary colors. The color that is used in the kitchen will be a derivative [...]

kitchen backsplash stone

Kitchens with granite and stone backsplash – stone look for creative wall design. Who does not remember the charming country-style kitchens? An integral part of the atmosphere is definitely the natural stone in the kitchen. Today, even with modern minimalist kitchen an eclectic combination is very popular between purist wood kitchens and wall natural stone [...]

Beautiful Small Kitchen Sitting

We show you 6 inspirational ideas on how small beautiful kitchen and sitting rooms to set up. Be inspired by these interesting and exciting ideas and plan a comfortable space distribution in the room. We hope you enjoy! If you have a small kitchen with dining area want to plan, you can do this in [...]

Large Kitchen Island

Large kitchen island has bigger design in comparison with other regular island types for kitchen to become essential feature in kitchens with large space. Kitchen layouts are available in several popular designs which each one of them has its own particular style in providing workspace. Kitchen layouts can be enhanced in matter of beauty and [...]